Our Partners


DTEN is changing the way people connect and collaborate through our immersive, video-first devices. Our solutions deliver intuitive, high-quality, and real-life video conference experiences for every meeting space and are certified for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams.


Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video and control (AV&C) Platform built around a modern, standards-based IT architecture which enables a robust Partner Ecosystem. Main product: Loudspeakers, Power Amplifiers, Digital Signal Processing, Mixers, Software & Firmware


Sennheiser is shaping the Future of Audio - a vision built on a 75-year history of innovation. They are one of the world’s leading producers of headphones, microphones, and wireless transmission technology.


JECTOR Digital Corporation provides professional digital solutions across sectors such as smart classrooms, corporations, public displays, and control rooms. Offerings include interactive displays, projectors, lecture capture solutions, digital podiums, video conferencing, and video walls. Main Product: Interactive Display


Sonance crafts audio solutions for homes and businesses, including architectural and outdoor speakers, along with accessories, all designed for seamless integration and high-quality sound. Main Product: Loudspeakers, Ceiling Speakers, Garden Speakers, Invisible Speakers Visual Productions


INOGENI designs and manufactures products to enhance video conferencing with multiple cameras and video sources, easily. The products are made in Canada and applications of products include video conferencing, lecture capture, virtual reality production and fulfilling many other needs multiple video sources.


Minrray has 15 years experiences in production and R&D for video conferencing camera. Excellent is the standard we measure ourselves Against, and It Is the standard we want our customers to use too.


Unilumin provides world-class LED displays and solutions for control room, broadcast, commercial, retail, entertainment, sports, landscape lighting and many other applications.


Absen, founded in 2001, is a manufacturer in the Optoelectronics industry focusing on premium quality LED display solutions. Absen products have been successfully deployed in more than 120 countries and as part of more than 50,000 projects, since founding.


For over 40 years Turbosound has repeatedly shown award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of high end professional audio, producing landmark products that have defined and shaped the live industry.FutureOur achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of all of our amazing employees throughout the years.